American Pale Ale
33cl et 75cl
alcool 5%
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The range of beers of “Les Brasseurs de Margaux” allows you to easily discover different beers' aromas and tastes. Each beer is numbered from 1 to 6 to encourage you to walk along an initiatory path and discover beer with increasing bitterness.

Emilie, our beer number 5, is the beer that our brewer has created for herself.
Bursting with her favorite Cascade hops, she wanted to produce an "American Pale Ale" with a full body and slightly more bitterness.
The result is an American Pale Ale that is indeed a bit bitterer than the previous beers but still only has a 5% alcoholic strength.
We can enjoy it until the end of the night (with moderation of course).

Emilie can be drunk alone but she is also perfect with fish, sushi or chicken.

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