Les Brasseurs de Margaux are happy to introduce their limited edition beers.

We are always looking for new tastes and new experience: we brew every month a limited edition beer with organic products.
If you think that one of those limited edition beers should become part of our regular range, please let us know.

SEPTEMBER : Black Lager 5%

This dark beer is a combination of two very different drinking experiences. The beer contains smoked and chocolate malt normally associated with stout but it also contains Pilsner malt more commonly used to make lighter, blonder beers such as Lager and Pilsners. The beer is brewed according to the German tradition of stepped temperatures and kept for four weeks in the cold fermentation phase at 2 degrees. This dark beer will surprise you when you drink it: first with its exotic aromas of smoke, liquorice and coffee when you smell it, followed by the lightness like a blonder beer when you drink it. Smell it and you think of stout. Taste it and experience a light lager.

OCTOBER : Belgian Amber beer 8%

An Amber beer for Autumn combining a roundness of body with a higher degree of alcohol which will warm you up when the temperature drops. Candi sugar, from Belgium, is added to the boil and Belgian "Saison" yeast is used to produce a fuller-bodied, higher in alcohol, beer.

DECEMBER : Christmas/winter beer 7%

This beer was brewed to be enjoyed during those dark winter nights in front of a warm crackling fire. It is based on our Belgian beer recipe with ruby, Caragold and chocolate malts to achieve a deep red colour. Lightly hopped with the addition of Belgian Candi sugar. We added some organic seasonal spices to make it warming. This gives the beer a wonderful aroma of Winter. We have served this beer warmed (not boiled!) to 50 degrees and it is a great alternative to mulled wine. Best enjoyed through at 5 degrees in front of the fire.

JANUARY: Ginger lager at 4.5%

This beer was brewed to benefit from the medicinal and in particular anti inflammatory properties of Ginger but keeping the taste of Alex, our Lager.

FEBRUARY: Wine yeast Lager beer at 5%

This beer was brewed using wine yeast. We are working on developing a local beer that will use local yeast.

MARCH: Mosaic hops for this blond IPA

This beer is a single hop blond ale.

APRIL: IPA beer with 5 different hops

This beer was brewed using 5 different hops.

MAY: Nettle beer

This beer was brewed in order to benefit from nettle seed properties.

JUNE: Generously hopped lager

This beer was brewed with Mosaic hops.

JULY: Chocolate blonde ale

This beer was brewed with Cocoa.

AUGUST: Brewed with wood chips from Nadalié

This Amber beer was brewed with wood chips. It allows for aroma such as vanilla to develop and make this beer smoother.