Much and many

Exercise on much and many 5. This PowerPoint lesson includes a review countable and uncountable nouns and and instructions on how to use the English quantifiers ‘many’ and ‘much’

    باحث العلمي
  1. They may mean the same, but their usage differs
  2. More people should use public transport
  3. Q1 - I dont have ____ free time
  4. Language: English
  5. much/more/most: I have much interest
  6. Examples
  7. We have so many things to do
  8. Much se usa con cosas incontables, y many se usa con contables
  9. g
  10. We use many with plural countable nouns
  11. Quantifiers: much/many/a lot of
  12. Many is used before a countable noun
  13. These are the names of objects that we cannot count
  14. Choose how much or how many to complete the sentences correctly
  15. Read more about indefinite determiners