With time, our taste changes and a liking for bitterness may develop.
Our beers are numbered from 1 to 6 in order to easily follow their level of bitterness. This is also a wink to remember that our brewer is a doctor in Mathematics.

Beer for wine lovers.

We created our beers because we wanted to prove that it was not impossible to love wine and beer at the same time. For a long time, Emilie has developed and refined her taste for wines. She studied and tasted them with a lot of application, pleasure and passion.
At the same time, she lived in London and was a passive witness to the revival of craft breweries in England. She wanted to "understand" this craze for beer. Little by little, while tasting a wide variety of beers, some of which were very improbable or short lived, she developed her taste for bitterness.
Returning to France, she decided to create with her English husband "Les Brasseurs de Margaux" to share with all, her brewing experience.

Undoubtedly, she still likes to taste the wines of her cellar from her adopted Médoc, but there are a lot of chances that nowadays, you may meet her with her husband Duncan, sitting at a table with a fresh beer discussing her favorite topic of the moment.

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Just like wine, we believe that well-made beers are not necessarily those with a high degree of alcohol. Thus, all our beers are "light" in degree of alcohol and yet complex and round.

Quality First.

We decided to focus on quality. All our ingredients are 100% organic. For us, using non-organic ingredients to produce organic beers is against our principles and values to promote organic food and beverages. If we cannot find the desired hops organically grown, we adapt our recipe so we only make 100% organic beers.

We do not filter our beers because we prefer a slight deposit at the bottom of the bottle than the use of chemicals to clear the beers.

Our recipes are constructed with great care. The common part of all our beers is the complexity of taste with a reasonable (but not too high) degree of alcohol.

All our beer production tools are new and of high quality. We make no compromises because we are looking to make a local beer, natural and of exceptional quality. Our equipment is manufactured entirely in Europe because we try to choose local suppliers. The Médoc is a developing area and we try to use local resources as much as possible to support our fellow local businesses. We choose our distributors with great care.

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Where to find us?

We can welcome you for direct sales in the brewery by calling us on 05 56 58 85 05 or by sending us an SMS at 06 52 25 70 98.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


We sell our bottles of beer between 3 and 4 Euros for 33 cl. and between 6 and 8 Euros for 75 cl.
It's a reasonable price that allows us to produce quality organic beers without compromise. We are a small company and therefore we do not yet benefit from economies of scale.

We are in the middle of the price range of craft beers. Some beers are much more expensive and their price is not necessarily justifiable. Note that the only important thing is that the beer suits you and that you like the taste.
Do not be fooled by expensive beer prices and enjoy ours at a reasonable price !

The making of our craft beers

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