blonde lager
33cl et 75cl
alcool 5%
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The range of beers of “Les Brasseurs de Margaux” allows you to easily discover different beers' aromas and tastes. Each beer is numbered from 1 to 6 to encourage you to walk along an initiatory path and discover beer with increasing bitterness.

Alex, our beer number 2, is a lager (a beer that has been bottom-fermented at low temperatures: i.e. "lagered").
We created it to prove that a well made beer can be both subtle and complex. Today's world is in such a hurry that chemistry is often used to shorten manufacturing times.
We have chosen to allow time to do its work and to intervene as little as possible (as in the German brewing tradition). We get a subtle beer with flavors of honey and grapefruit. It is a thirst quenching beer also with an alcoholic strength of only 5%.

Alex can be drunk on its own as an aperitif but is also ideal with spicy food or chicken.

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